Walkways & Perimetre Fencing

Keep your standards high.

In order to meet FA & Safety Guidelines, pitch barriers need to be a minimum of 1.1 metres high to provide spectator comfort and player safety. These are now made from uPVC covered steel or powder coated steel with steel mesh infills, as per the FA Ground Regulations. We can provide gates of all sizes to meet the requirements for player and spectator entry as well as emergency vehicles and ground working equipment

Built with quality in mind.

Our carefully vetted, highly qualified contractors can provide various Walkways. These include solutions with a concrete or tarmac walkway along as many sides of your pitch as required. Alternatively, walkways can be laid in areas where spectators will regularly walk.

These need to be 900mm wide as a minimum and of a bound material. We can also look at other options where the path is of a nature that it can’t be permanent, such as where other sports such as Cricket are played.


We can fully enclose your ground using a variety of steel, timber or concrete solutions to meet ground grading requirements and your own security needs, so they come in various sizes with appropriate gates to match

LED Scoreboards

This upper end of the market solution is available in 1 metre sections and can be used either on the top of a stand, along the pitch perimetre or free standing in the corner of a ground for example. The uses are unlimited and can be a great revenue driver through advertising.