TV Gantrys

TV gantries are a crucial component of any sports ground or stadium equipment setup. These structures provide a platform for television cameras, commentators, and other broadcasting personnel to capture the action on the field and bring it to viewers around the world. TV gantries are designed to be sturdy, secure, and customizable, with a range of sizes and configurations available to suit the specific needs of each venue. Whether it’s a small local stadium or a large international sports arena, a well-designed TV gantry can make all the difference in delivering a high-quality broadcast experience to fans watching from home.

Never miss a shot!

We can provide TV Gantrys of all shapes and sizes. Our designs include ones with staircases and hoists for cameras. We never let you miss a shot!

Playing by the rules.

Our TV Gantrys are available with working platform heights at 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.5m and even 6.0m, which we have designed for the Football Association.

They were specifically designed to be in line with their broadcaster requirements for the Women’s Premier League and Championship at the time.