Pitch Perimeter Fencing & Gates

We are able to offer you a full range of fencing around your pitch in either recycled PVC or Steel. Our PVC solutions use over 90% recycled plastic for an environmentally sound structure in white with 1, 2 or 3 horizontal bars. Our uprights are steel rods with a plastic covering and secured with postcrete. These can be infilled in either green or white mesh.

Alternatively we can provide a 100% steel structure, which again can be infilled with steel mesh, and here the range of colours available is extensive. All of the barriers are usually 1100mm off the ground to meet ground grading requirements, with the verticals generally set at between 2 & 3 metre intervals. These are installed by our own experienced team

Pitch Barriers

In order to meet FA & Safety Guidelines, pitch barriers need to be a minimum of 1.1 metres high to provide spectator comfort and player safety. These are now made from uPVC covered steel or powder coated steel with steel mesh infills, as per the FA Ground Regulations.


Player, Spectator or Vehicle entry gates are available as either single or double options from 1 metre to 5 metre openings.