Football Dugouts & Team Shelters

Professional Team Dugouts

As a company specialising in constructing seating and shelter for sports venues, we play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and safe environment for athletes and coaches during games and practices.

Dugouts & team shelters are critical components of any sports facility, providing designated areas for team members to rest, strategise, and communicate effectively during matches.

By constructing high-quality and durable dugouts, team shelters, football benches, and football dugouts, we ensure that athletes have the necessary support and protection from the elements while also providing an excellent viewing experience for spectators.

Customisable Shelters & Team Dugouts

We have a great range of dugouts at Sports Ground Development. Our dugouts are available in all shapes and sizes, catering to the specific needs of your teams and facility. From bench seats accommodating eight people to racing car seats accommodating up to sixteen individuals, we offer a wide range of options. We also provide bespoke upholstered solutions, allowing for customisation based on your preferences.

Our structures can be configured in single or double rows, utilising various materials such as aluminium or steel. For coverings, we offer options including Perspex and Polycarbonate, with varying thicknesses, to provide the desired level of visibility and protection.

Seating options for our dugouts, team shelters, football benches, and football dugouts are available in both tip and bucket solutions, ensuring comfort and versatility. Whatever type of seating solution you require, we can create it to meet your specific needs and specifications.

By choosing our high-quality dugouts / team shelters you are investing in durable and customisable structures that enhance the experience for athletes, coaches, and spectators alike.

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