Disabled Facilities

As a company that constructs disabled facilities for sports venues, our work plays an essential role in creating an inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with disabilities. Our ramps and drops allow wheelchair users and other disabled individuals to move freely and safely around sports stadiums, providing them with an equal opportunity to enjoy and participate in sporting events. By constructing these facilities, we are not only complying with legal requirements, but also contributing to the social responsibility of creating a more inclusive society that accommodates people of all abilities.

Upping your game with a focus on inclusivity.

We have been in dialogue with both the Football Association and Football Foundation about improving disabled facilities for wheelchair users, in particular.

Whilst we offer the “lift and drop” stands with cut-outs at the front, these are really not fit for purpose as the eye line of the wheelchair user is normally in line with the pitch barrier.

We offer bespoke shelters like the one pictured below (which now includes polycarbonate protection and heating!) have developed a “lift and drop” stand with wheelchair access onto the 2nd row.