Covered Standing

We manufacture our own range of Covered Standing structures in a range of step sizes that also incorporate Green Guide compliance where appropriate or as requested. We are also able to offer an Open Terracing solution where this is required to increase a grounds capacity

Designed with scope, for more flexibility.

This stand comes in sections though we can also offer terraced structures that are 3 metres deep with 4 rows and come at either 160mm step height or 250mm for an enhanced spectator view with handrails included as required. These are also available on any number of steps of 100mm to 250mm step height as appropriate for your needs and space availability.

Barriers can be included and these structures are 3 metres high – this means they can easily be converted to covered seating at a later date.

We can provide bespoke covered standing solutions in steel or brick/concrete to fit into whatever space you have available.

Essentials Canopy Standing

Our most popular covered standing option is our Essentials Stand.

Key Features:

  • 2.1 metre high back
  • 2 metre deep roof
  • Added stability with beams of 120mm x 80mm
  • Comes in 2.5 metre or 3 metre wide sections
Built with budget in mind.

There’s no need for an expensive base, as the stand is supported by sockets to the rear of at least 700mm. However, we recommend that you place a step 1 metre back into the structure for an enhanced viewing experience and to be able to utilise the full 2 metres for capacity purposes. You also need to consider the need for a walkway to the front or rear of the structure to allow spectators to move around the ground with ease.